I offer the following therapeutic services in my Rediscovery expressive arts studio, located in Old City Waterfront in Nanaimo, BC:

Private one-on-one sessions

Group sessions

I also offer workshops of varying lengths to organizations in areas such as

Professional Development
Team Building
Sensitivity Training and Self-care

Please contact me to request more information on what I can provide to your organization.

Occasionally, I conduct workshops for the general public or special needs groups. Please visit my upcoming public workshops.

Private Sessions

I offer a free half-hour exploratory session where we can talk about what you’d like to get out of therapy, answer any questions you might have, and see if you think we would be a good “fit.” We can also do this over the phone, if you prefer. Please call or email me to set up an appointment for this initial meeting.

During our ongoing work together, each session will be different, shaped by what your needs are, and what you come in with on that day.

As an expressive arts therapist, I work in a somatic / holistic way, helping you tune into and listen to your body / self, often through guided meditation, heeding the messages you find within and letting what’s there emerge, uncovering possibilities for transformation on all levels, including the physical.

Although there is no regular structure, here is an example of what a private session might look like:

Checking in with where you’re at now
Grounding in the body, settling quietly into yourself (perhaps through guided meditation)
Transitioning into the expressive arts, engaging the senses and imagination, finding alternate ways of seeing and experiencing
Exploring what emerged in the arts experience, and harvesting its riches
Closing the arts session
Transitioning gently to the outside world, and accepting “homework,” if desired


Group Sessions

If you are interested in group sessions, please send me an email or call me on the phone to register.

In group sessions, there will be approximately 8 participants, and we will work individually, in pairs, and as a group.

You will not be forced to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. You are most welcome to “sit out” any time.

Experience / skill in the arts is not only not required, it’s not even something that will come up.

All group participants come with an attitude of openness and respect towards themselves and others.

The environment created is safe, respectful, and comfortable, where participants can feel free to engage in low-risk yet highly sensitive arts activities, and be supported by the entire group. This support is built gradually; in the first sessions there is more of an individual focus.

I will lead the group according to the needs of the participants. Most ongoing groups are for personal self-exploration, growth, and wellbeing. However, some groups form around more specific themes and goals. For example,
In a “Physical Health” group, participants with physical health issues uncover ways to heal and feel better.

In a “Life Transition” group, participants work on personal challenges around life transitions or upheavals.

In a “Creative Play” group, participants stretch themselves through the arts in order to overcome creative blocks, get inspired, or just play.


Group sessions occur on a weekly basis, usually on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons. They are usually 2 hours long.

For specific information about upcoming group sessions, please visit the Group Sessions page.


Accepting New Clients