Group Sessions

At Rediscovery Through Expressive Arts Therapy, Spring Group Sessions are starting up! Join me—Janis Harper, certified expressive arts therapist—in my home studio in Old City Waterfront, Nanaimo, BC, for small group sessions designed to help you explore whatever you may need to at the time: an ongoing personal issue, a body-health concern, a recent upheaval or transition—or simply your own playful, creative self.

Facebook, email, texting, the busy-ness of our daily lives—it’s so easy to get caught up in this sticky web. All of these distractions can lead to a disconnection from our inner selves, an addiction to “doing,” and feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, or of being stuck.

Take a break from it all, disrupt old patterns, and engage your inner and outer senses. Let me help you tap into your own rich personal resources, and find new ways of being, new possibilities. Rediscover your own innate creative wisdom. Surprise yourself!

Through guided meditations, gentle movement, writing, sound, and visual art, I’ll lead you on a personal journey where you can find what wants to come out and allow it to emerge.

It’s already in you. I can help you see it.

No arts skill/experience is required, just an attitude of openness and respect towards yourself and others. No analysis or judgement of artistic merit is involved. There won’t be more than 8 participants in a group, and we’ll work individually, in pairs, and as a group, depending on our comfort levels. These sessions are for you, and you may be as private as you like. You won’t be asked to take a risk you’re not ready for, and you’re free to sit out at any time.


Cost: $20 per session. (Discounts are available if financial hardship interferes with your desire to attend.)

Please email me to inquire about when the next group session/workshop is scheduled.

Group sessions are two hours.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a notepad and pen. All other materials are supplied.


I look forward to exploring with you!

Please send me an email or call me on the phone for information about the next series of group sessions.


Group Session General Information

In group sessions, there will be approximately 8 participants, and we will work individually, in pairs, and as a group.

You will not be forced to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. You are most welcome to “sit out” any time.

Experience / skill in the arts is not only not required, it’s not even something that will come up.

All group participants come with an attitude of openness and respect towards themselves and others.

The environment created is safe, respectful, and comfortable, where participants can feel free to engage in low-risk yet highly sensitive arts activities, and be supported by the entire group. This support is built gradually; in the first sessions there is more of an individual focus.

I will lead the group according to the needs of the participants.

Most ongoing groups are for personal self-exploration, growth, and wellbeing. However, some groups may form around more specific themes and goals. For example,

In a “Physical Health” group, participants with physical health issues uncover ways to heal and feel better.

In a “Life Transitions” group, participants work on personal challenges around life transitions or upheavals.

In a “Creative Play” group, participants stretch themselves through the arts in order to overcome creative blocks, get inspired, or just play.

If you are interested in a “theme” group, please let me know.


Accepting New Clients